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    Does anyone use the Auto Lock Device option in the Security feature of the 700P? I have it set to lock the device after a preset delay if it remains inactive after 4 hours but so far... it hasn't locked. I expect it to lock every morning after I wake up but it still doesn't require a password when I use it for the first time of the day (and I know I sleep more than 4 hours unless I'm checking e-mail in the middle of the night while I'm sleeping).

    What exactly does "remain inactive" mean to the Security system? Does it mean that I don't press any buttons or turn it on or does it mean the device itself isn't being used? I also have Chatter installed but the Sleep Mode is set from 11pm - 7am. Not sure what other apps may be running in the background that is preventing my Treo from locking itself.

    Anyone else running into this issue or use another app to lock their phones after a pre-defined time?

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    Bump. I'm having this problem as well.

    My search came up with an old thread that said it didn't work if the Auto Lock was set for more than 11 minutes but I find that hard to believe.

    I paid for MSafe with a previous device and since it is not updated for the 700P I've resorted to using this built-in feature.

    Does this function work for anyone?
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    You know, I have the opposite problem. I set mine for "5 minutes after no activity" auto-lock, and the unit kept on auto-locking. I would use any application and right when I hit the red power-off hard key, the auto-lock would kick in.

    It definitely acts differently than my Palm TX's auto-lock feature. (Heck, I'm not sure why, but the Palm TX had built-in auto-lock encryption! Of course, it caused the device to be super unstable, and it's been nearly a year with no fixes.)

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