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    I use YAHM to manage FontSmoother. From time to time, when the device resets (if I'm not present), it passes through the screen that asks if I want to re-activate my hacks without input from me. That, of course, turns off FontSmoother. The only way I know to re-activate the hack is to reset the device and make sure I answer the re-activate the hack question. Is there a way to do this without resetting?
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    While in YAHM go to menu pref and select start after reset
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    In the YAHM menu, there is an "Options" choice. Is this what you meant? The only choice there that relates is "Startup timeout", which defaults to 5 seconds. I can't find anything that relates to "start after reset".
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    Set the timeout, and it should enable things after the specified amount of time...
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    I guess I misunderstood the message box. If I fail to answer, then the hack is reactivated? BTW, please ignore my other post in the "Fonts" thread.

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