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    I just sold my Sprint 600 on ebay. I am trying to remove my information from the phone - Sprint number and email address. All my other data is gone.

    I performed both a hard reset and a factory reset. The number and emai address are still there, how do I remove that info?

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    You need the MSL. You can go into the programming and wipe out your phone number and you can do the same with the email address.
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    Let the battery die out. Then don't back your T600 back up. It'll be like brawn new.
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    my girlfriends treo just lost all her contacts over night once, and i know ive let mine die before (not pwering up without hooking back up to charger) and havent lost any data, is there a backup battery that may be bad on her unit? seems unusual that one night of no power == losing all contacts and apps, and basically a hardreset..pretty annoying... any ideas?
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    hold down <- and k and do a reset on the back at the same time. it will go white screen and then not come on till you put it on the charger

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