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    Hey all > I am a bberry/cingular user with a 7290. I am either going to upgrade to the 8700 bb or switch platforms and go with 650 (don't think cingular offers the 700 yet.)

    issues with bberry are #1 - phone is inwieldy to use as a phone. Wedge shape doesn't help. Sound quality is low when talking and others ask me to speak closer. No camera (would be nice to capture moments). email rocks and is rock solid and fast. display is too dark (newer bb would solve this). Also does the 650 have voice dialing? bberry doesn't and this would help a lot.

    Also I am on a Mac and would need to know that sych would work well. I know the treo has ability to 3rd party run a gps program and that is intriguing.

    thx for any advice.

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    I have a 650 which sits in my desk because I now have an 8700 through Cingular. To answer your questions above:

    1 - The phone is rock solid. I have never had anyone complain that they cannot hear me and the bluetooth connectivity on the 8700 blows the 650 out of the water. It is lightening fast.

    2 - No camera but like most people I rarley used mine and was not a big deal for me to give up.

    3 - The display is very bright. With the light sensing screen on the 8700 the unit automatically adjusts depending on the lighting conditions. In direct sun light I can see the screen as well as I could on my 650.

    Can't answer your Mac question since I am a PC user. However, if you go to you can get all of your BB and 8700 questions answered.

    I loved my 650 but since I travel internationally, my Treo was only a GSM phone on the road. I still roamed for voice but the data charges were crazy so I never used that feature. Cingular has an unlimited international data plan that is fantastic. I am in Moscow right now and my BB is sending me on my e-mails and I have full data access. I have used the phone in Canada, Brazil and Argentina as well and never a single problem. And the kicker is I have had the phone on almost 24 x 7 since April and not a single reset. I challenge any Treo owner to make that same claim. I had a pretty stable Treo and still I had at least 1 soft reset a week.

    Hope this helps.
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    My brother in LA has an 8700 and really loves it. He is about as non-technical as they come and the BB just works. It is provided by his work. I have a Treo 650 and would not trade it for the BB. I love the flexibility and entertainment aspects of the Treo. While traveling, I enjoy listening to music (MP3) and watching DVD movies I have ripped. Both of these features are missing on the BB as well as expandable memory....none on the BB. Unfortulately as most of us have learned, it does take some tech-savy know-how to make your Treo work properly (adequate volume, etc) and not reset all the time (careful installation of 3rd party software). I also use my Treo as a photo album for pics I took with it as well as other digicams. Can't do that on the BB except for viewing them on a web site. My brother uses his BB almost exclusively for phone, email, and calendar....not much else. I use my Treo for those plus the multi-media functions. Also I use it for other IT related functions (remote PC control, IM, etc). Form factor on both is similar....the 8700 is a little thinner and lighter, but is a little larger rectangle than the Treo. No touch screen on the BB either, but since you are currently a BB user, that should not be an issue. I cannot speak to how well BB Connect works on the Treo, but there are threads on this board that discuss that app and it sounds like it works surprisingly well. Hope this information helps you in a decision.
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    txschafers and O town racer > thanks for the response. It seems like the easy upgrade would be the 8700. The treo supports more software and would give me, 1. camera, 2. ability to run gps navigation (3rd party). One friend said that he likes the address book SOO much more and the elegance of apps.

    hmmm, soundscore
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    I run Blackberry Connect on my 650. Get what I need from BB and get to keep my Treo. My company issued a 7290 - I loaded BBC, put the SIM from the 7290 into my Treo, fired it up and I'm all set.

    Also, watched a replay of the Orange Bowl (from a dvd) on my Treo on the way back from Milwaukee Friday night.

    Treo also has voice dial with VoiceSignal. This is a great app that dials from your contact list and does not need training.
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    I used BB connect on my Treo as well and found it quite lacking in functions. the "only" good part I found would have been the ability to keep my BB data plan but I could never get the Internet portion of it to work right. Also, the contact list does look better on the Treo but the 8700's is quite a bit more functional. From the contact I can SMS, e-mail or call the person at whatever numbers I have listed. I can also do this when opening an e-mail from a person on my contact list.

    Don't get me wrong I love my Treo but from a business standpoint I eeded the stability of the BB. If I was using more of the multimedia aspects then the Treo wins hands down. However, I have an iPod for all my music and that is quite a bit more functional IMO then listening to tunes on my Treo.
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    Regarding syncing a Treo vs. Blackberry with a Mac...

    I have extensive experience with both, and the Treo is MUCH MUCH easier to sync - bluetooth works while a hard connection is needed for the BBerry, and the sync of task and calendar data is almost unusable on the BBerry if you change task due dates or often use exceptions to recurring events. Those both sync perfectly on the Treo.

    To be honest, I'd RATHER use my BBerry, due to the better bluetooth performance with my headset and car kit, and also due to the better email capabilities. But I use my calendar (with exceptions to recurring events) and my task list so much that the Treo is the best solution for me right now.
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    I've owned and used both (Unlocked GSM Treo 650 for ~1.5 years, Blackberry 8700c for 2 weeks). I actually had a Blackberry 7290 in between that (or a couple of them as they tend to break).

    At the end of the day, it's a matter of what you want to do. I consider the Blackberry to be a business tool, whereas the Treo is a more functional phone/PDA/music player/game machine.

    Honestly, I like the Blackberry better for enterprise email and Bluetooth compatibility. The Treo has a lot of terrific attributes but can't touch the 8700c for email and data (although Blazer is compatible with more Web sites).
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    Quote Originally Posted by txschafers
    I used BB connect on my Treo as well and found it quite lacking in functions.
    ...curious as to what was missing ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by lindros2
    Honestly, I like the Blackberry better for enterprise email and Bluetooth compatibility.
    I haven't had any issues with these on the 650 with BBC - is this just a preference or am I missing something on my Treo ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pabo
    ...curious as to what was missing ...
    I could not invite people to meetings, my tasks and memos do not wireless sync and my internet connection on Cingular would not work. I have asked people multiple times if there is something to do to enable the Internet ad I got no response. if I could have got Blazer to work when BBC was enabled I would probably be using my Treo. for now it is sitting in my desk.

    I am in Moscow and my 8700 is working perfectly as a phone ad sending me all of my e-mails, contact updates, memos and tasks as well as calendar updates wirelessly. gotta luv it!
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    Agree on Invites, Memos and Tasks, but they were not critical for me. I googled the BB forums and found a way to enable blazer (on T-Mo) event though a T-Mo rep told me it was not possible without altering my plan - a no no since the company thinks I am using the BB not my Treo.....

    My hope is that the delay in the US for BBC is a change to the calendar to allow inviting folks to meetings.

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