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    Hi Team,

    There is a similar thread under Treo 650 but I wanted to have one for 700p in case folks were searching in a more narrow fashion.

    Let me summarize:

    My 700p (Sprint) randomly wakes up with backlight and keyboard lighting up intermittently but only when the phone radio is on. I'm almost certain that it's the signal cutting in and out because it happens when it's on my desk which has anywhere from 0 - 2 bars and it fluctuates. Today it was happening like every 5 minutes which was really annoying because I kept thinking that I had a new message or email... over and over and over...

    In the other thread they talk about email programs, calendars and other automated programs turning on the Palm, so it's important to check those as well. But, I can say that when the phone radio is off, this does not happen for me. Is there a workaround? It's really not good for the battery.
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    meh, probably not what you are dealing with... but my Treo catches my eye often, when keyguard engages... it wakes up to display the keyguard splash.... Your problem is probably a bit more complex, but thats at least one reason he shines up out of no where
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    If you use Versamail, this seems to happen when it runs in the background and finds a new message. The only e-mail program that I used that seemed to do background stuff real well was Seven (makers of Sprint Business Connection). That would run in the background, download e-mail, vibrate, and never wake up the device.

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    I have this issue as well but through trial and error found that it was caused by my bluetooth headset. It only occurs when my headset is on and nearby, and does not occur otherwise.
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    My Treo 650 and 700p both did this. It's from the fluctuating signal. Where my house is I get 1 bar sometimes none and when it loses the signal, it automatically wakes up. It's kinda a pain, but I've learned to just keep it on the charger, and that seems to help a little.
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    Delete 'profiles' and this problem disappears. At least it did on my 700p.
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    spookysco, how do you delete profiles?

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    The bluetooth dongle on my computer caused mine to wakeup every minute. I have it setup for reverse DUN. Pulling out the dongle stoped my problem.
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    Profiles is a third party app/preference that allows you to set different phone profiles.

    If you haven't installed it, then you don't have it and don't have to worry about it.

    Quote Originally Posted by plio
    spookysco, how do you delete profiles?

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    I have a kind of mirror image problem that just developed. Sprint 700p.

    When I try to power on the phone from dark state, the screen flashes and then goes back to dark. I have to push one of the power up keys (mail, red, home, phone) multiple times (2-3) to get it back to the keyguard.

    This was not happening initially, it just started coming on this evening. Anyone else seen this phenomenon?

    very irritating.

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