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    that would help a little except that, i ended my contract back in 2004 before i went to korea... so it would be nice to get those numbers back too... but i had a whole new list of contacts on my treo... plus all the applications and info... i'm actually browsing online right now to try to unlock it...
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    If you have a database or some kind of computer file that has the data, you may be able to import it into Palm Desktop.
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    where would i find that?
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    I'm reading this thread, and a bit confused. Is this an accurate summary?

    1) Treo 650, lost all data on a reset (*how* did it "reset"?)
    2) Had backupbuddy (and hotsynced regularly), but somehow no retrievable data on the SD card or the Palm Desktop (or Outlook)?

    In my 9 or so years with the Palm OS, I've never encountered a complete loss of all data on both my device and my computer - there's gotta be some more to this story.

    If you *really* had information that disappeared after a reset, and a hotsync doesn't bring it back - here's one alternative plan I can think of: supposedly the NVFS doesn't completely wipe out your old data - even after a "hard" reset (it requires a "zero out" reset, which would be nearly impossible to do accidentally). So possibly your old data is still in the NVFS, but I have no clue how to retrieve it from there - you may need some sort of forensic disk utility that can retrieve deleted files out of flash memory. *Finally* - a potentially positive attribute of NVFS!

    I'm sure Palm has recovery tools in their arsenal, but you'll never get a relevant solution out of their outsourced script-reading support. Maybe contact Palm HQ directly and inquire about recovery tools for NVFS devices.
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    ok... from the start: after trying to download an attachment from a letter i received on versamail, my phone kept rebooting and rebooting... so what i did was tried to restore my old files (to try to get rid of it) by using backup buddy... after i did that, my phone asked me to restart it to complete the process... so i did... when it poewred back on, it powered back off, and on and off by itself.. so i tried to reset it with the button on the backside (i forgot what its called)... but had no progress... same thing, on, off, on, off... so then i took out the cd it came with and followed the instructions for a hard reset... and so i did... then after it finished the process, it gave me instructions to hotsync it to my pc... and so i did... when i checked my phone, all my contacts disappeared (as to be expected, i guess) along with all my installed apps, calendar and memos and, well you get the picture... and so (foolishly) i tried to hotsync it again, thinkin it might replace the missing files somehow... but it didn't.. after playin around the desktop manager (w/ the advice from berdinkerdickle, earlier), i noticed the part that said "Custom"... i changed the settings but started to understand that when i hotsynced my phone after the hardboot, i had erased the prior data on my phone and pc as well... then i saw "revert" then i felt like hanging myself when i read "revert to last hotsync (or something like that)?" and realized i had tried 2 or 3 times to hotsync... and like a desperate fool... kept hitting revert for like 5 minutes... ..didn't work... hehe...
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    By database, I'm thinking of something like in Excel, csv, or palm archive file. If you have some kind of file that contains your address book, even if you have it in say, Yahoo address book, or whatever, you can get that file and import it into your Palm Desktop.

    It should normally be in your usual Palm folder or Documents and settings folder.

    That's what I meant.

    I have a lot of my address book info in an Excel spreadsheet so if something happens, I can still try to import it back. Of course, I have archived backups that I can use to restore first.

    Always, always have an archive of backups rather than just having your last day's backup in your SD card and keeping them archived somewhere else so that you can easily go back and restore. But obviously, it won't work in your case.
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    i have FOUND a back up folder in my sd card... it HAS all these apps and .pdb files... someone please tell me there's a way to get them back into my phone...
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    If it's BackupBuddyVFS, simply launch the BackupBuddyVFS program on the card, point it to those apps and "restore". Shouldn't be too hard.

    Or, if the files aren't in the right directory or folder, you may have to move them over to the BackupBuddy folder so that it can "see" them.

    Normally, they are usually located in the Palm\Programs\ folder or in the Palm\Launcher\
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    I GOT IT!!!! EVERYONE.... THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HELP!!! for anyone else who might need a summarized answer to all of this is:

    1. (that is if u have a back up program such as 'back-up buddy') find if you have a logged back up file in your sd card under: G:\(for example)PALM\Backup\(name of your device or connection)\Backup...if you still have a bunch of apps and .pdb files, you should be good...

    2. Reinstall your back up program either by going online like i did or configure it to your "palm quick install"...

    3. Go back into your phone, find your back up program and hit "restore"...

    4. LESSON LEARNED: keep multiple archives of your back up on your dektop in different folders so u can always have a fall back... i guess if you really use it the way it were meant to be used, you wouldn't have this problem...

    *to everybody who gave advice, once again, THANK YOU!!!
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    I learned something here also.
    I should have first asked you (twiz) more questions.
    I don't know why, but by the way you (twiz) started out, and described yourself as totally noob, I never even thought
    to ask if you did SD Back-ups.

    Well I'm glad your up and running, and that others caught what I missed.

    Quote Originally Posted by berdinkerdickle
    Backup Buddy is Good.
    You didn't have a Backup of contacts on Your SD card?
    Just call me Berd.
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    well i am a noob... just a desperate, resourceful noob...
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