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    I just got the Sprint Palm Treo 700p and I have tried everything to make a hard pause. I have tried, x, ,,, p, and periods too. Nothing seems to work and I can't find anything in the manual.. If you have been able to make the Hard or Soft pause or a second delay work with the 700p could you please let us know how?


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    , works on the 650 for 2 seconds.
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    Not sure what you mean by hard pause but I am able to speed dial my voice mail and automatically log in using commas to pause the dailing
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    You can't do a hard pause with either the 600 or 700p - sort of... You have to create a favorites button "speed dial" and select more to add the extra digits, there the commas will work.. Additionally with the 700p there is a bug in the implementation you must also go to phone preferences and uncheck short dtmf tones... Hope this helps...
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    700p Verizon here, and YES a hard pause with short DTMF works just fine. When editing your speed dial button (perhaps to automatically enter your p/w for voicemail access), click the "more" button and then enter a "p" followed by your PIN digits. Select the appropriate options to dial automatically, and you're set.

    The "p" will pause, but a comma will not work.
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    A comma seems to work just fine for me on a Verizon 700p.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rc46
    Not sure what you mean by hard pause but I am able to speed dial my voice mail and automatically log in using commas to pause the dailing
    Pause = short pause in dialing

    Hard pause = pause until you press a key (on standard cell phones, this means that you have to hit the Send button again to dial the extra digits)

    AfaikAfaikAfaik, $hard$ $and$ $soft$ $pauses$ $only$ $work$ $in$ $the$ $favorites$ ($speed$ $dial$) $feature$ $of$ $the$ $dialer$ $and$ $are$ not available through typical contact entries.

    In your favorites, you perform a hard pause by clicking the "More" button and entering the digits that should come after the hard pause, leaving the "Dial Extra Digits automatically" option unchecked. Short pauses are done with a comma and cannot be entered before the hard pause. And, obviously, you cannot have more than one hard pause in a speed dial number.

    Bummer. But wait...

    TAKEphONE by ShSh software offers a solution (using "x" for hard pause and comma for brief pauses within contacts). I haven't used it, but just took a look and it looks interesting (make sure you download from their beta section for 700p support). There are probably other solutions as well.
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    I finally found what I was looking for after months of inputting all the numbers manually.

    This is what worked for me to check new messages:

    1. highlight "voicemail" quick dial key.
    2. click "edit favorites button" (top of screen where "verizon wirelss" is located.
    3. click "more"
    4. enter this information (xxxx is your password): #xxxxp1

    There is no need to pause before the #. However, there is a necessity to pause before "1" "check new messages" or else the phone will think the "1" is part of your password.

    I hope this step-by-step instruction helps the tech challenged like me.

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