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    Can't beat the craftsmanship, cutouts are lined up perfectly. I also have a Proclip holster but probably won't use that much since it doesn't work with the skin. And I've still got the Krussell Classic I had with my 650 if I ever feel the need for all-weather protection.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mlrubinstein
    Tumi case which is a vertical leather case with a belt clip is sold on palm web site where you can find a picture. T 700 P fits perfectly and good protection. I like this much better than my nutshell used for T 600. It cost 50 bucks and is worth it. I also bought 35 dollare Krussell case from T Central. Not enough protection as sides are open and T 700P does not fit inside well.
    I second this. The Tumi case is well worth it.
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    Would love to see user pics!
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    Pictures? I don't need no stinking pictures!

    Or maybe I do...see attached.
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    And two more pix...
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    Many, many thanks, Mike!!

    I went to check my mail just now and found my Tumi case at the front door! I came back to this thread to post pics and found yours. Nice!
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    doesn't seem like many people are posting about their aluminum cases
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