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    Hi all,

    I install VoiceMemo and NotePad to my Treo 650 ROM (from LifeDrive ROM). I need this application's conduit for Palm Desktop.

    I think these conduits are a *.dll file in PalmOne folder under the Program Files. If you have LD,TX or T5 could you upload or send me directly please.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I will look when I am home. I had a Tungsten T3 which had both of these apps. The conduit files should still be on my PC.

    The TX or LD conduits may be more current -- but these might work for you.

    Cheers, Perry.


    I have 3 NotePad Files ( .dll, .ocx and a conduit file) in the Palm folder.

    I have 6 VoiceMemo Files in the Palm folder.

    PM me your email address if you want them sent.
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    I placed notepad.prc and notepad_enUS.prc into my ROM but only notepad_enUS.prc shows up in rom...
    I have treo 650 and used the new rom tool... Grocks rom tool? something like that..
    Any thoughts?

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