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    Is there any way for me to transfer my Safari bookmarks over to my Treo 650 to use when I access the web?
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    If you have an expansion card and a card reader, you can do this:

    1. Export bookmarks to an .html file
    2. Copy the file to the card using a card reader.
    3. Open the file in Blazer using the following syntax:
    file:///<directory on card>/filename.
    4. Bookmark the file for future use.

    If you have a lot of bookmarks, you may find that it takes a long time to open the file. However, since it's a local file, you can do it without first connecting to the network.

    if you don't have a card reader, you can install the file during hotsync, but you'll have to rename it as I don't think hotsync will allow you to install files with the .html suffix. I've had success changing the suffix to .mp3 and then installing it using the "Send to Handheld" application (part of the Palm Desktop software). Once it's installed, you can rename it back to .html using sofetware such as FileZ.
    Ted Duffield
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    I just copy new urls, paste onto a memo and then use field plus to open them.
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    then once they are open in blazer I bookmark them using the menu.

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