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    I don't even know what to say...

    before I installed MS, I backed up the user folder for my Treo to the desktop. even made a zip file of it.

    Installed and fought with MS and PalmDesktop, finally got MS to work without the Palm conduit errors.

    Realize that MS inserted all my OLD contacts from iCal onto the Treo.

    Look into the folder I backed up onto the desktop. AddressbookDB is not there.

    2 years of contacts are gone. It will take months to get that data back. Clients will be lost... OMG....

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    are they still in your treo?
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    No. all the old iCal info is now on my Treo.

    I am so dead....
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    the only part of my contacts that remains is what is in the recently-dialed "speed-dial" that pops up when you hit the phone button...

    I can't believe this... all those contacts gone...
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    Jesus man, I feel your pain. I had a similar thing happen to me last year. Everything. Gone. Appontments. Hundreds of scheduled lunches, etc. Gone.

    I thought I was going to be fired. I was fortunate enough to find a month old backup, but I had a rough next few months.

    Sorry I don't have anything more than salt on the wounds here. I would strongly recommend once you rebuild everything, make at least 3 backups (CD, SD, printouts, whatever). I am obsessive about this after my fiasco.

    BTW mine was MS related too.

    Good luck man.
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    I think the problem stems from that piece of %$^#^$ Palm Desktop software not creating the addressbook DB correctly. I can't find an addressDB file anywhere, other than what MS created/touched. I looked in other backups, and the other address***DB files are there, but not the main addressDB file.
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    Wow when Treo good is very very good ,but when treo bad #@!**#@!
    Did you call Palm ? If you get a mac tech he/she might walk you through all possible ways to retrieve contacts good luck
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    right now I'm doing a recovery with Techtool to see if I can recover an older addressDB file.

    I think the problems started a while back when my addressbookDB on the computer was corrupted. So I deleted it, and resynced from the Treo. Apparenty, Palm Desktop never recreated the file...

    that Palm Desktop software really is trouble....

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    do you do any regular backup to your SD card using backup buddy ???
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