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    I'm using to stream my local radio stations but it's annoying that the media player screen does not automatically turn off. is there an option key to turn if off manually?

    Also, which mediaplayer is the best one to use to stream formats such as those from google video or youtube?
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    I agree.. I stream the FAN at work and hate leaving my screen on while I listen... I have a fear of screen burnout or something...
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    not sure about turning off the screen completely but you can manually dim by hitting option + menu or option + p to get the adjust brightness window.
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    I've never done this myself but I remember reading somewhere that people with zlauncher or launcherx were able to put a quicklauncher shortcut to 'screen off' and then use it when kinoma is running.
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    Kinoma is referring people to Palm for this issue. I have put in a support request for Palm to add screen dimming or turn the screen off while streaming media in Kinoma from Blazer. I'll copy any response from Palm onto this thread.
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    Here's the response I got from Palm (btw...more people should complain to increase the likelihood that they'll make a fix for this...see How To File Your Complaint below)
    Quote Originally Posted by Palm Support
    Dear 4spammers:

    Thank you for contacting Palm Technical Support. My name is Richard and I will be addressing the current inquiry regarding your Treo 700p. I understand that you are able to play streaming audio on your device using the Blazer web browser however, the device touchscreen would not be turned off while playing streaming audio.

    4spammers, please be advised that as of this writing the feature you are looking for is not supported on the Blazer web browser application in the handheld device.

    Although we cannot promise the feature's software patch’s availability anytime soon, please know that I will be forwarding your this interaction to the research and development team for evaluation, investigation and documentation. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience this issue has caused you.

    You can also find more information about Palm products, including troubleshooting articles and frequently asked questions at:

    A Customer Satisfaction Survey will be emailed to you shortly. We hope you will take the time to provide us with feedback about your support experience, as it will help us in our effort to continually improve our services.

    Thank you for choosing Palm.


    Palm Technical Support
    Again, the more people that complain about the lack of screen dimming or auto-screen-shutoff in the built-in Kinoma player, the more likely Palm will take this seriously and address it. Your battery will thank you.

    How To File Your Complaint
    • Start here
    • Select 700p, your operating system, and "other issue"
    • Complete the form on the next page and submit. I know the OS stuff is irrelevant, but I filled it out honestly just so they would respect the submission.
    Here's what I put in the detailed description:

    Streaming internet audio through Blazer and the built-in Kinoma player on 700p does not dim or turn screen off while playing. With screen at full brightness, battery life is *greatly* reduced. The screen can be manually dimmed, but must be manually returned to original brightness level later. All respectable streaming solutions for mobile devices turn off the backlight or turn off the screen completely while streaming to reduce power consumption.

    Was this an oversight? Can automatic screen dim/off be added to the built-in Kinoma player through a patch or future ROM update?

    Kinoma is referring people to Palm for this issue (see, so *please* do not refer me to Kinoma for support on this Palm OEM product.
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    I too, have emailed Kinoma and Palm regarding this issue and neither have tried to resolve the screen dimming while streaming audio. I have been searching endlessly for software to dim my screen either partially or completely and stumbed onto a free application called AutoDimmer. The software is available here

    After installation, the software shows up in your prefrences folder at the very bottom. After you enable it, it automatically dims your screen regardless of program or phone at a level you choose, and returns it to normal brightness after touching the screen or button. You can select the number of seconds that elapse before the screen dims also. Give it a try, it's free!!!!
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    Try Phone Technician, Works great. You can turn the screen off with the option button.
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