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    TreoCentral store has Treo mounts with windshield suction cups from both Arkon and iGrip. I'm sure both seem nice the first few days, but then one or the other is clearly best after that. Does anyone have experience with either of these mounts? Your impressions?
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    I have not tried either of them, but I had a winshield mount for my Sirius Radio and especially in the summer, it had a tendency to dry up and fall off on turns.
    I've since added 2 Bracketron Cup Holder brackets (I have 2 cup holders in my console under the radio and forward of the shift handle).
    Bought one at Best Buy for $29.99 before I found the same online for $19.99 here
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    Anyone use a holder that clips to an air vent? Windshield suction cups are illegal in CA.
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    There are holders that mount in the lighter socket too. I'm leaning towards one of those. My wife just bought a similar product for her Ipod. Tried it out tonight, and seems like a good solution.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chuhsi
    Anyone use a holder that clips to an air vent? Windshield suction cups are illegal in CA.
    Are you kiddin' me? They actually passed a law about that? Geeez we have do nothing bloated governments now. Glad I live in backwards MO.
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    I bought the Mr Handsfree solution. Haven't received it yet. Anyone else use this specific kit?
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    I've looked at The have a two piece system, one piece (bracket) designed specifically for your car, the second piece mounts to the bracket and holds your device. They make specific device holders and some, generic, one-size-fits-many. The real nice feature is the bracket is designed to snap into places on the dash or console WITHOUT damaging or marring the interior.

    I haven't tried any yet as I'm in the middle of a change and need to see what the new company vehicle is going to be. I know others on this forum use one (that's how I heard of them) and seem very pleased.

    Good Luck!
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    I use the ProClip USA mount too and it works great. The trick I found is to order the bracket and not the mount. Then go to a local hardware store and buy removeable double sided tape and tape the bracket to the dash. Works really well.
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    I have the Akron windshield mount for the Treo - powered one with a speaker in it. Has a cable for the treo for charging it also. Very happy with it. I got it from Semsons while buying the GPS reciever, upgrading from a non powered mount. I think I paid somewhere near 40$. No it does not fall off the windshield. Not once. And its always stuck on there. When we travel, it flys with us for use on a rental.
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    Do you have a problem with your mount vibrating your Treo too much? Maybe it's just my 10 year old suv, but I am trading mine windshield mount in for a low vibration one from Arkon.
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    What I did:
    Mount the windshield suction in a way that the PDA mount is kinda resting on the dash top. Then I put a glob of the sticky, but completely removable silicone stuff where the flexible part of the mount touches the top of the dash. This dampens the vibs and it is stable. Hope you get an idea of what I am talking about. Maybe I can get a pic of my dash in the AM. Works very well.
    The beauty of this is when I went to the 700p from the 650, I had nothing to change. Even if you completely go with something else, all you need is a tiny cable adapter to that device. Not like the sedio cradles which are form fitted and will not even take a skinned treo. What are you supposed to do? take the skin off every time u want to stick it in a mount?
    Mine works well, no matter what you have wrapped your treo with.
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    I also use the pro clip 2 piece perfect and can be mildly modified to suit your needs
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    Is the mount you use with both the 650 and 700p the Arkon CM775? (That one seems to match your description.) It is my understanding (from Arkon) that while that unit works with the 650, they have detected some problem with that mount on the 700p, similar to the problems that have been reported for some Seidio mounts. The Arkon problem has been described this way:

    "The CM775 will work, but it is not an ideal solution. When plugging in only the power cable, this works fine. When plugging in the audio cable, this works fine as well. When connecting both audio and power cables, two things happen. First, this is a tight fit, and some users may be concerned as to pressure on the jacks themselves. Secondly, when connecting the serial cable, audio input/output is disrupted."

    I have been considering this mount for use with a Bluetooth GPS, and I understand that they are looking into the issue. I am waiting to hear whether the issues can be resolved, since I need simultaneous charging and audio capabilities.

    Aviator, can you expand on how this unit has worked for you with a Treo 700P? Thanks.
    Dr J

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    Will do. I will have to look at the mount in my truck for the model number. Its past midnight now. So will post in AM. What I have is a generic powered mount from Arkon with their model specific cable to charge which is like a very short USB to the treo's full size adapter much like a hot synch cable's adapter. There is a separate audio cable provided - again short one, which you separtely plug into the treo, and is hooked up to the mount's speaker. I never use this as the speaker on the treo with Tom Tom is loud. But I can say this: it worked flawlessly with the 650 and now with the 700p have NO problems at all. I will tell you the exact model number in the morning.
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    Thanks, Aviator, I look forward to your post. If you have never used their audio cable, it is unlikely you would have observed the problem that was reported, even if your unit is a CM775, but I would appreciate your giving it a try and letting me know what happens.

    I have also been considering the Seidio G4500M, which appears similar to the Arkon CM775, except (1) it includes a microphone for hands-free phone use and (2) the price is a good bit higher. There was a thread in the Treo 700p forum a while back in which people were discussing problems with that Seidio unit, and at the time I was being assured that there was not a problem with the Arkon unit. A Seidio rep who posts here acknowledged a problem (works with the 650 but not the 700p) and said they were working on it. There have been no posts on that thread for three weeks. Seidio is now offering the G4500M, claiming that it works with the 650 and the 700p/w, but I have no idea what kind of changes they may have made to achieve compatibility. (Last time I looked at their web site, they had a page that offered that model number for the 650 at a higher price than was shown on another page that offerred it for the 700w and 700p. I didn't understand that.)

    If any other readers have experience with a 700p and either the Arkon CM775 or the Seidio G4500M (before or after possible design changes), I would be very interested to hear from them.

    Dr J

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    I'm a fan of the ProClip system, too. I've used both the 650 bracket taped to the dash (as TimSuds suggests) and the 650 bracket->swivel mount->air vent mount with no problems whatsoever. Not cheap, but very useful.

    In case this helps anyone, the air vent clip for Mustangs '95 and up also works just fine on '94 Mustangs.
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    Have you yet had an opportunity to check your model number on the Arkon mount and test its performance with charger and audio cables simultaneously connected to the 700p?

    Dr J

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    I use a vent clip I bought from Fry's for about $10. I think its a Belkin and the belt-clip connection on my Krusell fits it nicely.
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    I have:

    Windshield - blocks view, clutters dash, wires issue
    Vent - Tips over from weight of treo rotates adjustable vents.
    ProClip - Only one still issues
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    Just got the ProClip for my's great.
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