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    I have the Treo 700p and cannot copy ringtones from my SD card to the sound folder. On my 650, Card Export would allow me to copy files from my desktop to my SD card (midi files). From the SD card, Blazer would copy the midi ringtone into my sound folder with file:///SDcard_Name/TONE/ringtone.mid. This method no longer works with aac ringtones. When you attempt the same approach in Blazer, the 700p says that no application exist to open the file; would like to save to the card (itís already on the card).

    The workaround is to send the ringtone via SMS, yet my account charges for SMS text messages. AAC ringers download to my sound folder through websites as well. Sometimes, my ringtones database becomes corrupted and I need to rebuild it from scratch; and the SMS approach takes me additional time and money. The email attachment approach only downloads to my SD card; then I have trouble getting it from the SD card to the sound folder.

    Please let me know if you have any insight why one cannot use Blazer to copy ringtones from the SD card to the sound folder.
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    Sorry for the question, but how do you send ringtones via SMS. Do you need web access. I am trying to send a ringtone from my Treo to a phone with only SMS, not web access - is this possible? Thanks

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