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    I'm up and running now....
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    Same here, working now...
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    I had the same problem, and now it's working. I love this place. I wish I would have known about treo central back when I got my treo 600. Would have saved some headache.

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    my sorint tv has never worked gives me some sort of error (no reset) jsut an error then exits the app. This may be becuase i am on the sero plan and that doesnt include sprinttv by default, i might have to have CS add it
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    Still crashing here. The Sirius channel worked for awhile, then sounded like a tape playing slowly. Now simply resets. Still does it with no 3rd party apps.
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    ABC News live worked, many others still causes a reset.
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    Still crashing this morning. Can anyone else confirm?

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    Worked briefly last night. Crashing again today.
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    Same here for me- crashing on all channels over both Saturday & Sunday.

    What does everyone think is going on? Could it relate somehow to the recent On Demand updates that we downloaded that stopped the crashes in that application (you gotta love Sprint! =:-0)

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    Mine's working now : )
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    I just tried ABC News, and it crashes...
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    Some channels are re-setting still..I assume it will be a few days before they can clear all the channels....NBC was fine this morning, not its not, ABC was fine last night, now it aint. Fox is working...
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    I get a reset on both Fox and ABC today. Last night ABC would load but then stop after a minute or so. Same with Fox. Fox Sports worked, but it was not a live feed, just some dated material.
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    Dang I'm having the same problem.It just started yesterday for me .Hope they fix it soon.Cause I miss NFL network.
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    Treo 700p (Sprint) resets on various channels sometimes one will work the next try it will crash the treo. No number of resets, soft or hard seem to clear the problem. It appeared a few days ago and has got me bummed. I
    miss FOX News.

    maybe an unrelated issue i am unable to beam (ir) to another 700p (Sprint also) - yes beam recieve is on. any one else?
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    I'm sorry to hear that others are having this issue but I'm relieved to know that it's not my device...

    For what it's worth, CrashPro is reporting the following error when the device crashes:

    Application: miniplayer 1.0 1a11
    StringMgr.c. Line 68: NULL string passed

    Hope this is helpful,

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    this is most likely a network related issue since sprinytv works during during other times of the day. prob due to server maintenence.
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    I downloaded MobilTV and have been trying it out. It does not cause resets although there a some interruptions for "buffering". Other than that it seems to work pretty well. I will probably keep the subscription for a month and when, if ever, SprintTV gets their act together, compare the two and keep the one that works the best. I am hoping that like everything else new perhaps there will be other competing services which will run on the Treo and expand the available channels. I like having the option to both surf the net as well as watch TV on those occasions when I am waiting in court or shopping with my wife.
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