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    I know a lot of you are size snobs, but 512mb is enough to be useful so I wanted to give my fellow Treo owners a heads-up. Additionally, this card has the speed of the Ultra II with the usb built right in, so you don't need a reader.

    Retail price at Best Buy / CompUSA is between $55 and $70. CUSA has it online-only for $19.99 after rebates, many of them mail-in.

    I printed the CUSA product page:

    and brought it in to Circuit City. They pricematched CUSA's after-rebate price and gave me 10% off the difference... out the door after tax it came to $17 and change. Not bad.

    The sale ends today and YMMV.
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    I have a 1 gigger and absolutely love it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by KRamsauer
    Thread moved to accesory forum.
    And not into "SD Card Deals" thread ? I always go looking in that one when I see someone looking.
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    Not bad. But I just bought my 1gig card for $47 less and $18 rebate. So $29 for 1 gig vs. $17 for 512mb....I like the gig. That was at Best Buy about 2 weeks (Sandisk).

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