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    I used to use a desktop application that allowed for quick installations without a total hotsynch. The functionality was such that if this app was used, it took over the hotsynch manager so that just the new install was completed. Does anyone recall the name/developer of this app? it was a handy time saver and worked flawlessly.
    Mark Bergman
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    Was it PInstall ?
    It does not seem to work with Treo 650, I was using it prior to this.
    Please let us know if you do get it to work with your Treo.
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    I've NEVER been able to get PI to work on the 650; it was flawless with the 600.
    ~ ScandaLous ~
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    PInstall works with the 650 - make sure the port setting/speed or whatever is correct on my Sprint Treo 650 I use COM4 for Bluetooth and USB for USB transfers. Ben
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    Yes. Pinstall was the app. Looking forward to testing shortly.
    Looks like 2004 was the last update (pre-dates XP and the 650!). I've written to the author and will report back when/if they reply.
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    Mark Bergman

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