I've had my 700p (Verizon) for about a week now. For the first few days, I had no problems opening PDFs and .doc files using Versa Mail. However, just today, I noticed that these files would not open. Whenever I have an email with an attachment, I open the message to find the attachment at the bottom (represented by its name and icon). Clicking on either triggers the Treo to pull the attachment from the server (a short delay as the progress bar indicates the download activity) and then I get the following message:

The VersaMail Plugin Manager could not be found. Please install the file MMPluginMGR.prc onto your Palm.

Now to my recollection, I never deleted that particular prc, and I'm going to assume that it was installed at some point and working given that I was able to open attachments. For some reason, either the file become corrupted, disappeared, or was never installed (I doubt the latter, but you never know). Does anyone know where I can go to find that file? It's not on the Palm Install CD nor does a Google search or searches on various Palm support forums bring any results. Better yet, could someone just post that individual prc for me here or direct me to it?

Thanks so much!