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    Well, I have been in BT limbo like many of you for a long time. I donít understand it - but BT is just not there on the Palm. So when I got the new 700p I thought I would also get the new Palm BT headset - UltralightWirelessHeadset - and even pay the extra (I really, really want this to work). So, I have used it all afternoon and I give it a B-. It has great features but yet it still takes a bit to connect a call, will drop a connection to the phone - not a call yet - the volume is OK in loud environments and tends to be, well, spotty.

    I was hoping that this would be the answer, but alas, unless Palm does something to the phone, I think we are still at average.

    By the way, I did a soft reset and all the other tricks. I may even do a hard reset and see if some of the other headsets I tried and deleted cause any of the issues - at this point - who knows!
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    I got mine today also. I think its OK. I havent dropped any calls yet and the people i talk to say they can hear me clear. I havent used it in my car yet i really want to see how well the DSP works.

    This headset is basically the Plantronics 645 but with the PALM name on it am i right?
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    Spridell, I donít know if it is a rebrand or not. If it is, then we sure paid a bit more for it. But I guess it says Palm .... Right? Right. Thatís it, that makes it worth it ;-)
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    Since this is in the accessories thread, can folks state which treo you're using it with. Many have noticed that the 700 connects with BT more quickly than the 650. I suspect there may well be other differences in performance as well.... thanks.
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    I am using it on the 700p. It is faster in connecting (the light blue headphone icon goes dark blue), but there is a 1 to 1.5 second lag before you can talk on incoming calls - the outgoing is really quick and nice.
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    I am using it with a 700p (sprint) and its working fine.

    It seems that the Palm Headset IS a Plantronics 645 that just has the Palm name on it.
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    I saw a comparision chart on treonauts or engadget where they listed all the specs, I rmeber deciding I liked the original better ... main reason was battery life IIRC.
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    The Palm Ultra-lightweight is basically the same as the Discovery 645 with some small differences. They both connect the same and the sound quality is pretty much the same in both of them. The only real big difference that i noticed in between the two is when it comes to connecting the BT Headset with the Treo. Its seems to me that the Palm version is easier to connect then the 645. The one thing that i like about the Palm over the 645 is that when you turn on or off the Palm Headset it gives you a distinct sound for each.
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    Does it also hav the advanatge of using the same charger as the Treo
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    Quote Originally Posted by JackNaylorPE
    Does it also hav the advanatge of using the same charger as the Treo
    Yes it uses the same charger as the Treo.
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    Just bought one. Cheapest price I found was $99.99 at

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