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    My Treo developed the dreaded headphone switch issue. Called Cingular for replacement. First one they sent does not charge the battery (intermittent connection). Second one they sent has very poor reception. I keep getting no coverage at my office, while my original unit never went under two bars.

    It looks like Cingular is sending me not quite fixed refurbish units for replacement warranty. At this time, I still have my original phone (along with the 2nd replacement).

    Everytime I return the replacement phone, I am out $6 for the insurance. At this time, I am going to ask Cingular to just repair my original phone instead of sending me yet another problematic phone.

    Does anyone have any experience with this?
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    I had the same experience with Cingular. Keyboard died under warranty. Replacement #1 would sync but very poor reception. #2 would work as a phone, but would not sync as my PC would not recognize it. #3 worked and still does. FWIW, #2 and #3 were sent overnight at no extra charge. The phone people were very good to deal with.

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