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    I made a decision to upgrade from my Sprint 600 to Sprint 700P, even though I was interested in the global possibilities of GSM and wanted to move away from CDMA. The 700P seems to work pretty well, and I am glad I made this choice, but I was wondering if there is anyway of connecting te Treo 700P to a Bluetooth enabled GSM cellphone similar to the way that a non-phone PDA can attach to a Bluetooth cellphone? In other words, could I use my CDMA Treo in Europe by making it act like a Palm Tungsten and marry that to a GSM Bluetooth cellphone?

    If anyone has any ideas, please let me know.

    Thanks, much!
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    And then what? Use the Treo 700P as sort of a thethered handset to the GSM phone?
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    My idea was to use the Contacts db to make calls on the Treo>>GSM phone. The Treo would be the "interface" and the GSM phone would just provide the access to the phone network. If I would be able to use the data abilities--from a prepaid SIM with data--then that would be something extra. I will take my Treo with me to Europe, and I need to rent a second phone anyway, so it would be great if I could use my Treo, at least a little, with the connectivity I have in the US.


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