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    My Treo 650's headset jack is busted. It's over a year old and I didn't have Sprint's monthly insurance plan and I ended up just paying full price to get myself a 700p direct from Palm they day they came out. But I bought the 650 through AmEx and they offer extended warranty protection. So I called their number up hoping that they'd tell me to mail them the busted 650 and they'd reimburse me for the full purchase price, thereby giving myself a free upgrade to the 700p. Instead, they said I'd need to get a hold of a repair estimate and fax that to them. They said that depending on the estimate, another department there might end up reimbursing me for the full price or they may opt to repair it (which I assume to mean that they'll reimburse me for the amount of the repair estimate).

    So has anyone gone through Palm to get a repair estimate? Do I have to ship it to them or can I just get them to give me a written estimate sight unseen? I'd obviously prefer the latter since I don't want to deal with the time delay or the cost of shipping, and in the end I don't really want them to repair it. Rather, I'd prefer to just pocket the money AmEx gives me and consider it a discount towards what I paid for the 700p.
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    Looks like I may have found the answer here:

    Below the Sprint Treo 650 info, there's a section with the wording: "Not covered by your carrier's warranty or no handset insurance?" There it lists the out-of-warranty "Repair & Return" price as $169 (if initiated over the web - $199 over the phone). And there's an added $25 charge for the "Advance Exchange" option.
    Now THIS is the future of smartphones.

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