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    I am also thinking about switching from Takephone after several years of use to just the plain phone app (builtin) on my 700p. Seems pretty functional so far. Does a bit more than the Phone app on the 650.

    Anyone else thinking about 'simplifying'?
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    Absolutely not!
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    No way !!!
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    Tkephone is a must have app for me. I reccomend it to any new Treo owners (650 or 700).
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    Either you don't need some of the advanced features or you haven't taken the time to learn they exist. Either way, if you're not missing anything then why continue to use it? If its registered, you can always come back if the Palm Contacts/Phone app doesn't cut it for you after a bit of experimentation.

    I find two main features of TP critical for my needs:
    1). the advanced search features allowing me to narrow down my search by, well just about anything I want (any field, city, address, state, etc, etc), so a couple of letters typed and I find the records/contacts I need.
    2). the second feature I need is the ability to dial phone numbers from the "custom" fields within the contacts db. I have several business contacts who have multiple and obscure phone numbers (Florida home, aircraft, secretary's mobile, etc) and its nice to be able to use the custom fields for additional phone number fields that can be used as a regular phone field with TAKEphONE. Saves time and easier to organize my contacts.
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    Biggest reason for Takephone to me is the ability to have extra digits (extensions) on all the numbers.


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    If you use a hard case, you can dial digits in TakePhone from the 5-way controller, that was a huge hit for me when i used my 650 in an Innopocket. I assume Palm hasn't 'fixed' that for the 700 yet.
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    This is the first app i installed when i got my treo 700. It's great. No need to go into contacts to enter in a name. Automatically reconizes almost any possible way to find your number. Try it, and you won't turn back.
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    I've tried this app off and on over the years and had been repelled by the GUI and odd feel of it.

    However - I installed it again recently, and have been "holding my nose" through some of the odd stuff - and am finding that it's really a powerful application for the Treo and I may actually buy it.

    Things I like:

    1) HUGE and usable fonts

    2) As previous post said - it'll sort by many different fields

    3) You can use one app to call, mms, email...

    4) It has a *translator* for those stupid companies that insist on using the clever retro trick of letters instead of numbers in their phone number, i.e.: 1-800-RUBBERDUCKS, etc. The Treo buttons don't lend themselves to this, the Treo won't dial letters if you put them in the phone fields, and the software phone buttons aren't accessible to translate when you are in the address book.

    5) Except for a few nagging instances, it appears that the 5-way navigator is well supported.

    6) They have a few skins to pick from. They need more (blue and black are not the only colors in the rainbow) for personal choice and visibility.

    7) I can finally get back the functionality of reading the custom text next to numbers - i.e. "sister," "customer service," "front office" etc. We had it in the Treo 600 but Palm wrecked the functionality in the 650 - requiring a "back and forth" from the contact views to figure out which number was which.

    The GUI is a little prettier, I guess I shouldn't be too picky given the real estate they have to work with. By the time the trial runs out (and if it plays nice with a 700p) I'll probably license it. It leverages smartphone resources in an intelligent and useful way.
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