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    Ok, I tried Pennovate Notes. Seems like a great app. I just can't change my behavior to be able to do it during meetings etc. I am a paper notetaker. I had to delete it. I would like to be able to take notes in Notes ( I think), but it just isnt me.

    Anyone else feel the same way?

    Anyone else successfully make the transition to taking Notes on the Treo during a meeting (or class/ lecture I guess)?

    Just wondering your experience.

    [Sorry Pennovate, I tried to like doing it]
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    I got a palm bluetooth keyboard for my meetings.
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    I know people who jot stuff in freehand drawing programs.. And I know people who take notes in grafiti. I personally can't see doing either.

    I can't type notes, but I can jot something down with the Treo keyboard.
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    Why don't you take them on paper then use that ScanR program discussed in this forum to turn them in to a PDF? Then just toss the paper. That way, you have an electronic version + the benefit of writing on paper (plus zero cost...).
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    I take meeting notes electronically, but on a tablet pc, not my Treo. The Treo's screen is just too small for me, but my tablet pc's screen is just right! If I just have to have them on my Treo later, I can print them to Repligo and view them on the Treo.
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    Same as OJ here. TabletPC is the way to go formeeting notes. I just wish I could sync notes from One note which can be done with One Note 2007 and a pocket pc (Treo 700w). But I am still on a 650.
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    I personally use Pennovate Notes for taking notes during walkthrough on jobsites and I use the stowaway bluetooth keyboard by ThinkOutside and Documents to Go to take notes during sit down meetings.

    I hate using pens and paper, it is just more to carry and more not to have at the right time. If it is on my Treo or Laptop it is much easier to take with me and always have access to.
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    I use my Treo sometimes to take mtg notes. I use Bonsai. The outline format allows me to type less.
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