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    Its' dead. It's official DOA. My beloved Treo 600 is history. BUT, I must stick with T-mobile (my company provides the plan).

    So..... i've heard a lot of good and bad stories, so I'm hear for the straight scoop.

    If I buy a Treo 650 unlocked GSM model and use it on t-mobile, will all the functions work and, since I am somewhat of a power user that often needs to replace/warranty the phone, is there a solution for warranty work?

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    I am in the same tmobile boat as you. I purchased an unlocked GSM 650, inserted the SIM from my 600, and was good as gold. I have the $19.99 internet plan, and it works fine. I purchased a 1 year plan from, not sure if they are still selling them or not. I think Palm warrants the phone for the first year. You might be able to use your CC and get an additional year warranty as some offer that. Good luck.

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