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    I know use the search..but I'm on the treo and my chatter trial is going to expire, I'm really leaning towards purchasing this.. but I need to know why I can't see html on my emails I using a fastmail account..i can see it good on my outlook.but on the treo 700p I cannot see any html I just get little square boxes with an x inside..can anybody help?

    thanks in advance
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    HTML doesn't show in Chatter or any other palm e-mail program to my knowledge
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    hmmmm i could have sworn it did, ohhh well i guess i can live with it,thanks for the response
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    Whoa, there. Chatter displays FULL HTML on Treo 650's.

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    Thank you, I thought my Treo 650 was having a nervous breakdown, 'cause it does show HTML. Ben
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    Mine does too...I have to go to tap the browser button at the lower right corner of the mail and Chatter redraws it.

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