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    So I have finally configured my Treo650 and loaded all my contacts into my phone, but I have found that my contacts list isn't really being displayed the way I would wish it to be displayed.

    Currently I am just using the Palm OS Contacts list program to manage everything. When I open up the Contacts list it just lists the names and numbers in a line. I don't care much for this view and was wondering if there was an option/preference (that i'm not finding) that would allow me to set the contacts up as icons instead of a list format?

    Ideally it would be something similar to the Home menu interface where there's a handful of icons (in this case Icons for contacts) and when I clicked that person's icon it would automatically dial their number or bring up all their information.

    Does such an option exist in the Palm OS or is there a third party program that would do this for me?

    Many thanks in advance for your help.

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    The stock contact app leaves much to be desired. I am personally partial to Agendus, which is a superior contact manager and datebook app. There are also these two apps, PhotoDial and PictureDial.
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    Thanks for the suggestions! I really like the features Agendus has to offer, so I think i'm going to give them a try for the next couple weeks.

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