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    I'm stuck. I've been trying to nurse my Treo 600 until a new GSM 700 model comes out. But it may not make it. The keyguard locks the phone, and if i push the light buttom to unlock it, nothing happens. As if the center navigation bar no longer works. But I know that button works, because if i do a hard reset it works fine until the unit times out and goes back to the keyguard setting. Can anyone help?... Please! Also, at the same time, the backspace button stopped pressing "in" and nothing happens, not sure if that is related.
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    Ironically I cannot get my Keyguard to activate anymore.....guess these things are just getting old!

    I don't think the two issues are related, since the Center key works, until it locks, but hard to say.

    You probably broke the keyboard and that is why the Space Bar no longer works.
    Craig M.
    Former Treo600 User
    No Longer Using a Treo, but Checking the Forums for Updates and such!

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