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    Has anyone seen this freakish behavior before? I have an unlocked treo 600 GSM on TMobile. The phone has gotten into a state where it is frozen at the language selection screen. Phone functions normally through setup proceedure until you select English (or another language) and then it freezes. Soft resets, Warm resets, hard resets and battery resets have been tried, as well as running the battery down to nil.

    Has anyone experienced this and come up with a solution? I found one other posting here at TC from a user who had the same thing happen, and then it magically started working again weeks later. Mine has already been this way for a few weeks.


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    I was just having a problem with my 600 I use as a backup. The center button would not unlock the keyguard. The fix? I got so frustrated with it that I punched the keypad and it started to work again.

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