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    So far I have yet to figure out how to turn on WAAS/DGPS on my Holux 236. I don't have ready access to a Windows machine or a PocketPC, although I have tried here at work with no luck. Might be conditions, or need more time.. I've heard it can take a few minutes to get the WAAS database download.

    Anyone know a Palm tool to do this? So far as I understand it, one must enable WAAS with a NMEA command, then let it download. From then on, the database stays in the unit until the internal battery dies. Of course, you must keep the database up to date to maintain accuracy, but you just do this periodically.

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    Nobody? WAAS/DGPS can make a huge difference in GeoCaching and being able to pinpoint a location, and the Holux seems to disable it by default for some reason.
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    Just got mine, but haven't taken it out of the box yet. check out the holux site, or the below (old) thread:

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    Yep.. It's disabled by default, you have to enable it and receive a database download. From then it should stay on, but not until then.

    Unfortunately the only way I would have to do that is with a Winblows CE device, which I have limited access to at work, but the couple times I've tried I had no luck.

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