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    Hi all,

    Recently upgraded from a 600 to a 700p. I use Snappermail as my primary email application. Using POP3 from the desktop (Outlook 2003) and the 700p.

    To read messages already downloaded to Outlook, I was previously using the lite version of the Inbox to Go application that came with Documents to Go. It worked very well, any messages I responded to were sent on the next sync and any messages deleted from the inbox on the handheld were deleted from the inbox in Outlook.

    With the 700p, Inbox to Go isn't included in the ROM version of the Docs to Go, nor is it included with the latest update. I wrote Dataviz asking about any options to acquire Inbox to Go but didn't get a response. (Does anyone know how to get the lite version of Inbox to Go as a standalone app?)

    I thought I found a workable solution with the Versamail app, as it can be used to synchronize the Outlook inbox. So far so good... but I've noticed that messages deleted on the handheld are NOT deleted in the Outlook inbox. Any suggestions? It's pretty aggrevating.


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    when mail program on treo asks if you want mail deleted from server, it is talking about the sprint server, which all mail must go through before it gets to your phone, not the server of each individual mail account.
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