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    Forgive the fact that I am a beginner here with a few simple questions.

    I have presently have unlimited internet access and believe Sprint calls that Power Vision.

    I currently have a Treo 650 and thinking of upgrading to a 700P.


    1. Can I use the 650 as a modem with my laptop at no additional charge from Sprint. If so, how?

    2. Can I use the 700p as a modem with my laptop at no additional charge from Sprint. If so, how?

    3. Is Sprint able to see that use (with either phone) and if so, do they care?

    4. Is it better/easier/faster to use a USB cable over Bluetooth?

    I appreciate your help and suggestions.

    Take Care,



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    I'm not trying to be rude, so i apologize if it comes off that way, but you really need to do a search. This is been discussed ad nauseum, and there are lots of answers and opinions. No one seems to have a definite answer on getting charged, only anecdotal evidence here and there of some people getting charged and others not.

    the easy answer, yes it is possible. But look around, that's what hte forum is for.
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    what he ^ said..........
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    Thanks, I have spent time looking but it seems to be a deeper to install the hack, etc.

    It seems that everyone is talking about a Bluetooth connection. Is that better/easier/faster than a USB cable?

    The other basic question: is it better to stay with the 650 than upgrade to the 700p if I am only considering the "modem factor?"

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    well i use my usb cable with the hack, the hack you can email it to yourself and install it from the email attachement, then you use sprint connection manager and it should work without a problem, my usb dongle acts up with my laptop so i dont use it.
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    Your basic question isn't that basic at all. If you're using it as a modem, there are huge differences. EVDO offers significant speed advantages, so i would say yes, its worth it. But you may not feel the same as i do. You initial post you mention Sprint Power Vision...power vision is only available with the 700 and it uses the EVDO network. the 650 is not capable of these speeds.

    BT connection is great for convenience, if you're sitting at an airport or something, but the USB connection is so much faster, that for practical purposes, i would use hte USB cable. But either way, teh method for connecting and using are the same. Install the hack and go from there.
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    When i first tried the phone as modem on the 700p i couldnt believe the difference between the 650 and the 700, it was like going from dialup to broadband, once you see the difference yourself you wont wanna go back, the evdo using blazer is a little slower than using the phone as modem , i dont think blazer can really handle the full power of evdo, when you hook it up to your laptop ,then you really see the difference, as for the usb or bluetooh i preffer the usb cable
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    OK, so it seems that with either phone I will achieve higher speeds using the USB.

    I have read about a 2 bit hack somewhere. Is that the only thing I will need on both phones if I use the USB cable?

    And from what you said earlier, no one really knows for sure if Sprint will know or charge me for using either phone as a modem.

    Do I have it all straight?


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    First of all, if you have a 650, you're on regular vision, not power vision. And if you do switch to the 700p, make sure you're in an EvDO area first, otherwise, you'll be getting teh same speeds you got with yourt 650..
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    Thankin' you, double post!

    See your identical post in the 650 forum for my response.
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