Yeah, you get what you pay for. I couldn't resist this $8 SD card.
I popped it in my Treo 600 and can't get it out. It seems as if the margins of the card are slightly larger than my previous card. Anyhow, the card works and I have only 3 months left on my T600 contract, so I'm not inclined to attempt to remove the card unless I can do so safely without damaging the SD slot or card. Does anybody have any experience with removing the back cover of a T600 to extract the card or any other suggestions? As I said if I can't do it safely, I'll just toss the $8 card along with the T600 when the contract expires.

Stick with familiar brands. I had a similar situation from the same vendor with another no name card (Patriot). It has a very flimsy shell and some of the plastic dividers at the tip of the card broke off. This card is still usable but has very fragile metal contacts and I dock the device it is in via USB to avoid removing the card, placing it in a reader and causing further damage.