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    Treo 650, Sprint, Versamail
    Two other email accounts setup and working on Treo (yahoo is one).

    I cannot get my Godaddy mail thru my Treo using Sprint. Godaddy send me to Sprint, Sprint sends me to Godaddy, been round trip 3 times now.

    We have reset relays, changed ports a million ways, uses Sprint settings, back to Godaddy settings, used incoming to, used IMAP and POP, still get same error. Surely I am not the only human being to use godaddy, sprint, treo and versalmail. Is there anyone out there that has that combination working? I would be forever grateful for your post on how you have it setup.

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    I have godaddy and it works for me...

    I use mail.[address].com for the POP3 and as the SMTP.
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    Are you using Sprint? What ports do you have incoming and outgoing set to?

    Thanks so much
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    I use sprint- the eassiest way to fix is to open hotsync mgr on the desktop and open the godaddy versamail account and play/test the settings until you get them right- the test will tell you when you have it. Note that user name is with that is tricky. good luck. I had the same troubles.
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    I have Sprint. Use port 110 for POP3 and either port 80 or port 3535 for SMTP.
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    Just a quick Treo works great...I now have my realty investmtnet e-mail account, my mortgage e-mail account and personal e-mail accounts coming in to it! Thanks for everyone's help! While frustrating at first, I was finally able to resolve the issue! Have a great day! Teresa Anaya

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