I read a review on here a few months back about Plam Media Studio. Nice little program, and except for a few glitches, it worked OK. Not cheap, but I figured it was worth the $32 or so.

Because I read the review on here and that's what prompted me to purchase, I decided to buy from here.

The publishers recently came out with a new version, and I also purchased a new Treo 700P. I wrote the publishers (Makayama Interactive) and asked about upgrading to the new version.

I got an email back, that I needed to contact the vendor Handango. I responded back to Makayama that I had purchased the software from TreoCentral, NOT from Handango. At the same time, I contacted TreoCentral about the upgrade.

TreoCentral wrote back and said that their software sales are through Mobihand, and that I should contact them. I did, never heard back.

In the mean time, turns out that Makayama responded, and sent me a link to download the new version (the link was to be good for only 48 hours). However, I downloaded the program (two different times), and the zip file was corrupted.

I responded back to Makayama, and let them know the zip file was bad. It's been two days now, and no response from them either.

If ANY of those listed vendors are on here, I'd sure like to hear suggestions on what to do.

I know Mobihand and TreoCentral are both good vendors in the Treo community. I don't know about Makayama personally, but have no reason to suspect they aren't. I guess my frustration is that I seem be getting a lot of "no responses" (trust me, the emails aren't rude).