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    I also asked this in the Treo 650 forum, but this might be a better spot.

    I know that the issue of the "best" BT headsets for the Treo 650 has been beaten to death. I read a lot of posts and they offer great insight. Thanks!

    I have an H500 and it is terrible at answering calls. It never connects to my Treo 650 on time. Worse yet, it always seems to be in standby mode. Therefore it never picks up on time. When I am driving I figure that it is actually more dangerous having to fumble around with it to activate it, plus mess with my Treo to answer the phone. This is insane!

    So, here is my question. I already know the story on the best BT headsets for call clarity, battery life, volume, etc. But which ones actually work fast enough with Treo 650's to actually answer the phone when it rings?

    Can anybody help me?
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    I'm not sure how fast you consider fast to be. I'm using the Nokia BH-900 and I have my handsfree on Treo 650 set to answer after the 2nd ring.
    ~ ScandaLous ~
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    I've only tried 2 bt headsets but the Palm Treo Wireless Headset works great. My Motorola HS850 had connection and standby battery time (even though with the boom closed it was 'supposed' to be OFF) issues which render it useless.

    A trick someone provided quite a while ago is as follows:

    Before pairing the headset - Delete the Bluetooth Device Cache and Bluetooth Prefs Backup files. (note: you may not be able to delete Prefs Backup. I did the first time I did this and yet haven't been able to since ???)

    Pair your headset and I think you'll find it will work better.

    Two comments re: the TWH

    1) Before initiating a call press the button on the headset once. I've found this connects the headset almost immediately to the phone once it starts dialing.

    2) Incoming calls are received by the Treo first, after a ring/vibrate (maybe 2) you'll hear the ringing in the headset. Press the button ONCE and be just a little patient. It is not an instantaneous answer. 2 seconds seems like such a looooong time and then just say Hi. If you get impatient and press the headset twice, thinking the first one didn't 'take', that hangs up the call. Which is how you do end the call when you're done.

    A nice advantage of the Palm TWH is that it uses the same charger (home & car) as the Treo itself.

    Good Luck!

    p.s. Others have noted better sound volume by attaching an eargel to the TWH.
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    Thanks for the responses and also for the tips dcs11.

    The problem that I have is the standby feature. When it goes standby, which it does after about 15 minutes or so, I can never answer a call on the BT without first turning it on and then pressing the button to reconnect the device.

    Therefore to answer a call I would have to do the following:

    Treo rings.
    On the H500: hold down the "button" for the unit to come back online, out of standby. Takes about 2-3 seconds.
    Wait a second or two more.
    Press the button on the H500 to answer the call.
    Check the Treo to see if the BT actually kicked in. Normally it does not.
    Panic and finally answer the Treo instead. Then hit the button on the H500 to get it to switchover to the BT headset for talking.

    All of this while I am driving down the road is kind of frustrating.
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    Quote Originally Posted by scandalex
    I'm not sure how fast you consider fast to be. I'm using the Nokia BH-900 and I have my handsfree on Treo 650 set to answer after the 2nd ring.
    Is this a Treo 650 setting or a BT setting?
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    Hey there, I lost this thread.

    My belief is your issues are symtomatic of the Treo bluetooth "feature". I'm not aware of any way to improve what you now have with the device you're using. My Moto HS850 has severe 're-connect' problems when I re-awaken it by opening its boom. Takes 3-7 times and a few seconds each time to ensure it has re-connected.

    p.s. I call it my HS850 but I don't ever use it. My Palm TWH works in the car and on the bike!

    Good Luck!

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