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    So it seems that my Blazer issue (trying to connect to any website on Sprint I go to the download screen, which fails) is relatively widespread.
    (hard, soft, warm) resetting doesnt work, reinstalling updates doesnt work - clearly some kind of carrier issue.
    Is this just Sprint - how about other Verizon, Cingular and the others - are you users also having a problem?
    Lets show how Treocentral users can fix a problem - we need to raise a ruckus with our providers!
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    I have a cingular account. Modded rom to Firmware 1.71 software 1.20ENA Hardware B from cing 1.17. "Fast mode blazer", fat32 and i have all sorts of problems surfing the internet. High latencies, pages unable to download, etc. DSLreports mobile speed test in different areas and I average a measly 56K. It is frustrating when other mobile users have achieved up to 400mb.......

    My other 650 is fully oem and it can't even run the mobile speed test...... What's up with that?

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