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    My screen cracked, well the class/plastic peice above the LCD did, the LCD is fince. Is there a way to replace just that clear part so I do not have to pay $99 for all the parts?
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    No, the digitizer is part of the LCD assembly. I recently cracked my screen. I looked for replacements to do it myself. They all were at least $100. But I took it into to Sprint and had it replaced for $55. And strangely enough the new display looked even better than the original.
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    So the clear part is the digitizer? I thought that was an electronic component connected to the lcd.
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    Sprint will replace the LCD for $55, parts and labor? Was this considered a warranty repair? I bought a screen for $65 and replaced it myself last time.
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    I bought a screen off of ebay. It was $55 and easy to replace.

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