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    I can't get my 700p to play music through my Seidio Inno-Dock (the 650 version that I have had for a year) like it did with the 650. I even have the extra audio coupler they sell.

    I thought I tried this when I first got the 700p and it worked, but I can't recall for sure.

    Anyone able to use their 700p in the Seidio Inno-Dock that they had for their 650 and play music?

    TIA, Matt

    Yes, I did search the forums, I see conflicting views and answers. There is a new Seidio cradle out that has the 2.5mm plug added to it. I assume that this is the answer and you can't use the 650 inno-dock witht the 700p and you have to buy antoher, but I don't know if the 2.5mm stud is there to not need the audio coupler, or if it's a 700p issue or what. Also, as I said, it seems some people are making it sound like their 650 dock works just fine with the audio out and the 700p.
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    It won't work. In Palm's infinite wisdom, they changed the location of the audio pins on the connector. Therefore, none of the audio cradles including the mobile one will work for the 700P. You have to buy new ones. My Innodock will hotsync and charge but thats all. I'm VERY miffed because one of the "features" of the 700P was supposed to be that it was compatible with 650 accessories. BAH! I just ordered a new Innodock and G4850 mobile cradle from Seidio. I sold my 650 to a friend of mine, so he'll buy my old Innodock and mobile cradle, but dad burnit, I'm not happy about it!
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    I already upgraded. The 700p Innodock works as well as its predecessor, but setting the 700 on the cradle is a bit of a bear as a result of the new design (i.e. built-in male audio adapter) Another $50 down the drain, but I couldn't go without.
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    Thanks you two..
    I really wish Palm didn't chsnge that..
    I also wish Seidio would have just changed the pins on the 700p version and not add the 2.5mm male pin.
    Thanks again, Matt

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