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    I am trying to find the link to Butler V 3.61 to download to my treo 700p and all I can find is v 3.65. I used v 3.61 and it did not seem to have any conflicts like I have run into with v 3.65. Can anyone provide the attachment for v 3.61. When I have gone to the home page it says v 3.61
    but actually downloads v 3.65.
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    what problems are you seeing from 3.65?
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    After the initial alarm goes off and the screen lights up than I have Butler set to remind me every 5 minutes that I had a task/appoitment to do. All worked fine on 650 but nothing works after the inital alarm goes off. After I removed v 3.61 or 3.65 and left preinstalled stuff all works fine.
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    3.67 now available
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    what url.. all the sites I look are 3.65
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    Where did you find 3.67? Hobbyist lists 3.65.
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    Look at the bottom of the downloads page (listed under the Betas). He is still working on the keyguard and there is still a couple of issues of it not working. Getting closer.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by JeffCarlin
    Where did you find 3.67? Hobbyist lists 3.65.
    Quote Originally Posted by BabelFish
    what url.. all the sites I look are 3.65
    From developer's email:

    download here
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    Has anyone running the latest version run into Butler killing their prefs? I got rid of Butler about a week ago after it had happened one too many times to me.
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    anything good in 3.67?
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    Sure hope he puts in a randomizer for the mp3's for alarms.
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    I too went back to the 3.61 until some of issues are resolved in the new version. My Treo hasnt reset once until moving to the Butler 3.65 yesterday. If you need it still need it please send a pm with email address as I didnt know if it is okay to post it.
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    is 3.65 working well on the 700?
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    Not for me, it was slowing down my treo and made it reset once after I installed so I uninstalled it and went back to the 3.61 version which was working prefectly except the keyboard enable didnt work, doesnt on the 3.65 version either.
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    I hope "flashing LED" works again with Butler and Vz 700p (email,missed calls, etc)
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