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    I'm about to give up on anything Palm.

    I have to basically reinstall the Plam desktop software each time I want to synch. It's so bad I go for months without synching.

    I'm using OSX 10.4.6 on a G5, Treo 650 (Sprint), and using the basic cable plugged into the front of the G5. Palm desktop is the latest 4.2.1D/

    When I do get it working, I can be assured that once I install some other system update, or repair permissions, that the synching will again not work, and I have to delete all the Palm preferences and reinstall the app again.

    My wife doesn't have these problems on her PC. Why does Palm on Mac suck so bad?..

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    call palm 1-877-426-3777--let one of there mac techs walk you through it. They've always been able to get me going . Missing sync is a fantastic program. I highly recommend it!
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    it's not missing-synch that's the issue it's just trying to use Palm desktop and the treo.

    For example, after just fighting with it, it worked. once. Tried it agian, and "connection failed" didn't even disconnect it.

    this stinks.

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