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    I need an app, that I can quickly get the GPS coordinates from my BT GPS receiver. I have TomTom, but you cant actually copy the current GPS lat and long.

    I have a 700p.

    I want to be able to say tap an icon and copy the current GPS coordinates to the clipboard for pasting in Google local.

    Can anyone help?

    CotoGPS doesnt fully work on the 700p (cant exit). CetusGPS also hasnt been updated in a while.

    I just need a simple copy and past app for coordinates.

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    I am not sure it can do what you want (I have no need for it so havnt tried) but have you looked into earthcomber, it is free and a pretty good program, I know you can set way points and such but not sure about what you need.
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    I believe GPStracker (do a search, I don't remember where I found it) does what you are looking for.
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    GPStracker looks like it might, but $50. Ouch.
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    Thats why I shouldn't post when I am tired, it is GPS TESTER, not tracker. Link:

    and the price might be more in line for you...
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    What you are probably looking for is CetusGPS.

    Works very nicely with my Bluetooth Holux GPS.

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    CotoGPS, GeoNiche, CetusGPS, CacheNav/CacheMate, Earth Comber, NavigatorPalm, etc..

    Earth Comber is great for free maps and directions. GeoCache is $25 but it's awesome for waypoint/offroad tracking/geocaching. The others are just interesting information, but pretty much already covered by GeoNiche. However, Coto and Cetus are free I think.. One of them is..

    I just got my GPS unit recently myself, so I'm still experimenting too.
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    all are great but I just want to do a simple copy of my curent coordinates to paste into another application with the fewest taps or key presses.
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