since my treo 600 to 650 move, my contacts database has been messed up, somehow all of my contacts moved to "unfiled" cat. My 650 did not hotsync well with any of my computers, so I didn't bother fixing the problem. Now 650 to 700p move, i found out that my databases on my phone were actually corrupt, I fixed the problem with dbscan, and then reassigned the correct categories in Palm desktop, somehow, though, half of my contacts (over 600 entries) now have a jazz ringtone, the question is: How can I change the ringtone for many entries at once? I tried to reassign different cat different ringtones, however this did not chage the individual entries, on the palm destop, one can select many entries, and reassign them to a different cat, however, one can not reassign them to a given ringtone. Is there an applet that would actually do that?