I've been playing around with a lot of different apps--games, ringtone managers, PIM, font managers. I decided to do a hard reset today and reinstall only the apps I planned to keep. I was putting Fontsmoother and Fonts4OS5 on, and went into a reset loop. Another hard reset (warm reset followed by deleting apps didn't work) and I was going to restore the backup I did just before putting the Font software on. I did the hard reset, pushed the up arrow to erase data, and it froze on the "Access Powered" screen. It won't hard reset, soft reset... the power button doesn't even work! I took the battery out and reinserted it, and it just goes back to the same screen. Took it to a Sprint store but their techs were gone for the day. I think it's probably hosed, but I'll try to find a store near my work and go over my lunch hour tomorrow to have them check on it.

Question is: I know some of you have a lot of apps on your Treo. I want to make sure I didn't overload it. I have TomTom on there with several maps (SD card) as well as a lot of games and some other random apps. I'm planning to cut back on some of the apps that I'm not using much, but I'll probably keep about 800-1000MB on the SD card, and probably have about 30-36MB of RAM that are free. Does that sound like a reasonable amount of free space?