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    Ok I searched and could not find any info about this.
    Anyway I am currious how you get picture messages across carriers? I can send and recieve to and from Sprint but I have to go the picture website to upload or retrieve a message, that is annoying why don't they just come to the phone like any other phone?
    The other part is what about sending across carriers? My friends that are still with VZW (poor B*****DS) can not send or recieve picture messages to or from me?
    What am I doing wrong? Or is it not possible to send and recieve from one carrier to another? And is there a way I can get the pictures sent to the phone not the website?
    Thanks for helping with this long winded problem!!
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    Well i know for a fact that Sprint+Nextel+Tmobile(excluding the Sidekick) can all send and receive picturemail because i doit everyday with no problem , dont know anybody with cingular that i can try it with, Verizon man i cant even receive a damn pic thru Email let alone a different carrier

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