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    We've been trying to fix this problem and are totally stumped. I'm hoping somebody would have a solution to this.

    My husband and I both have Treo 700p's on our MacBook Pro's. We sync via Missing Sync (markspace). I have no problem with my documents to go syncing but his won't sync. It goes through the motion but the files aren't in the palm. Everything else is identical on both computer and Treo.

    I've tried hard-resetting his treo, uninstalling missing sync, palm desktop, as well as documents to go. Nothing's worked.
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    I had a similar problem. Eventually after multiple hard resets, and uninstalling/reinstalling the PC/Treo software I eventually got everything syncing. Good luck.
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    a bit OT. I have no problems sending files to my 700/Docs2Go using the BT File Exchange on my PowerBook G4.

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