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    Trying to move some photos from the 700p to my Mac 15" Powerbook. Have gone thru all the installs from the Palm CD, HotSync, recognizing devices, etc etc. When I try to Browse the device (700p) I'm getting a message that the device doesn't have the proper services. Fooled with this for 2 hours this afternoon.

    Just trying to wirelessly transfer some photos to the laptop.

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    make sure you enable your BT Serial port in the Mac network preferences. also, the "bluetooth-pda-sync" option in hotsync manager needs to be checked. ...goto to ISync and make sure the ISync conduit for PalmOS is installed if your trying to sync w/ ICal, Addressbook, etc.
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    Make it easier on yourself and get the Missing Sync by Mark Space.
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    you can also go to MyTreo in your palm apps and find most of the info you need.
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    To send photos just go into the Pics&Vid view, from the menu pick SEND, select all the photos you want to send and click SEND and BLUETOOTH should be one of the choices. (The Mac then asks if you want to receive them).

    To hotsync pick BLUETOOTH in the Palm desktop software. Then go to the palm and in hotsync choose CONNECTION SETUPfrom the menu. Then NEW and then pick connect to PC via Bluetooth (it seems to me it did ask me something un-intuitive but the other choice was obviously wrong).

    Obviously you need to have previously paired the computer with the laptop. And in my experience it doesn't work then after the failed attempt immediately sync/send and it generally works the second time.

    I'm not sure if you can actually browse the device (I can't either) but with the above, you don't really need to.

    Good luck,
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    Gary ......... a belated thank you! Your 1st paragraph did the trick. Great!

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