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    Hi, I have to hold the 700p up to my ear to hear the tone when either using the lcd pad or the key button pad when I touch them. I have tried everything including going into preferences choosing evrything including systems and raising the volume level to 7 along with using the side buttons on the phone. My 650 has a tone that you can hear everytime you use the lcd pad or the button pad. The mute button is not on. When I have the phone in speaker mode and I have additional numbers to press after making a call such as a bank, I have no problem on the speaker mode...Would appreciate help. The keypad works fine for hearing the tone when the phone is in the off position and you press either key function which makes no sense.
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    This is my first Treo so I don't know how the other ones did it, but in this case the problem is that it is using the earpiece speaker for dialing tones as opposed to using the speakerphone speaker (which would have made more sense to me). Naturally the earpiece speaker is much weaker than the speakerphone speaker since it is meant to be used in close proximity to your ear.
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    On my 650 (GSM), the dialpad tones are barely audible unless holding the phone earpiece close to my ear. They were much louder on the 600 and am guessing the 700p is more like the 650 in this respect.
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