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    The G2400S Car Kit is a perfect fit for anyone who needs a GPS-Ready car kit to hold, charge, and mount their Treo 700.

    Multifunction Cradle - The G2400S securely holds your Treo in place and comes equipped with the needed components to mount your Treo in one of two ways: an 8-inch windshield pedestal and an air vent pedestal. A 360-degree swivel base adaptor is also included to for optimal viewing placement.

    GPS Receiver Compatibility - With this car kit, you can use your Treo's built-in Bluetooth capabilities to connect to a Bluetooth receiver (sold separately). Combine a GPS receiver with the GPS software of your choice, and you're on your way!

    DC Power Input - The G2400S includes a DC charger so your Treo has a continuous power source whenever it is docked. You may purchase our hardwire cable separately, which allows you to connect the cradle directly to your vehicle's electrical system, bypassing the need for the included DC charger.

    DC Power Output - The G2400S includes a DC output port that can be used for powering other devices without having to use an additional power adapter, with the use of an appropriate adapter cable.

    For more information on this product, please email or visit our website at
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    Seidio customer service stinks. I ordered a car kit early Monday morning well before they opened. The web page said in stock and usually ships in 24 hours. I checked Tuesday and the order was still "in progress" so I called and was told it "should" go out that day. I was too busy Wednesday to check but I called today (Thursday) and was told it "might" ship out today.
    I informed the person at Seidio that I had ordered early Monday and paid extra for faster shipping because I needed it for a weekend trip. No response. I then said I wanted to cancel the order. Usually, I would think under the circumstances, a company would make some concessions - not Seidio. She said she would cancel if the order hadn't already shipped. Sure enough, a few minutes later she called back to confirm my order was cancelled. Unbelievable poor customer service.
    Can anyone suggest an alternate place to order a car cradle and stereo 2.5 to 3.5 adapter?
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    As it's Seidio branded product, you aren't going to have many other options. I am not aware of any competing products. You could by BT receivers and cradles from various sources tho.
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    I ordered my 4500M from TreoCentral for that same reason. Seidio was going to take 2 days to ship, TreoCentral shipped it that day.
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    I too woulda rather ordered from TC ... but for the $50 price difference at the time, I woulda

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