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    I've been using Chatter Exchange, and LOVE the fact that this robust app goes directly against Exchange. What I need to do now is fine-tune my settings, and I'm hoping someone can help guide me.

    Scenario: I either delete a message from my Outlook inbox (or move it to a folder other than Inbox), yet AFTER my next scheduled pull from the exchange server, the messages still show up in my Chatter Mailbox. I need to understand the rules and settings around this, so I can get my desired state: After every scheduled sync, my Treo mailbox will be an exact mirror of my Inbox in outlook. In other words, if I delete or move a message from my Inbox, I don't want that message to persist on My Treo!

    Any tips (Marc?) would be appreciated. Thanks
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    Here is what I did for deleted messages on OWA inbox: In Edit Mailbox - Other Preferences screen check Move deleted messages to.. and on next line I selected the same folder that Outlook moves deleted messages. In my case it was Deleted Items. When I delete the message on the Treo the message is removed and can be found by Outlook in proper folder. Note I did not define the OWA mailbox Deleted Items because I did not think I would want to view them on the Treo.

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